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Karen M. Holman Sept. 23, 2022

What Are Some Surrogacy Expenses to Consider?

If you have problems conceiving a child with a spouse, contracting a surrogate mother may help expand your family. However, there are expenses involved when you enter into a surrogacy agreement, so you should be ready to support your surrogate to ensure the health of the surrogate mother and your baby.

Understanding potential costs for your surrogate may help you realize if you are ready to proceed or if you should take time to gather funding before pursuing a surrogacy contract.

Direct Compensation for Surrogacy

U.S. News and World Report describes surrogate base compensation as the fee you pay for the surrogate mother to carry and have your baby. This amount usually ranges from $30,000 to $60,000, but the exact fee depends on factors such as where the surrogate resides and whether the surrogate has previously carried a child to term.

Complication Fees

Sometimes pregnancies take unexpected turns. The embryo inside the surrogate may split and form twins. A medical issue could necessitate a C-section. These are costs to consider because they may become expensive if your surrogate experiences serious medical problems.

Insurance Costs

Since many health insurance policies do not pay for surrogacy, your surrogate may need assistance with covering insurance costs such as deductibles and premiums. Some insurers offer coverage for surrogate mothers. Still, the deductibles could be expensive, so reviewing policy terms is important.

Additional Expenses

You may be responsible for other expenses. You might choose a surrogate who lives far away, so you will probably compensate her for travel. Pregnancy supplies for the surrogate should also be a factor.

Knowing these costs could help you understand whether you have enough money saved up to go through with the surrogacy. Additional financing like workplace benefits, loans, grants or help from family or friends may be available to you to help you cover whatever expenses are necessary to realize your dreams for your family.


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