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Assisted Reproductive Technology Lawyer in Winchester, Virginia

If you are considering starting or expanding your family through assisted reproductive technologies, I offer counsel in managing the legal issues involved in that process at The Law Office of Karen M. Holman, PLLC.

This can include drafting and negotiating contracts for egg donation, sperm donation and embryo donation (or adoption), as well as surrogacy and gestational carrier agreements. If you are working with an agency, I can also review those agreements to ensure that your rights are preserved.


When the services of a surrogate are required in order to achieve and sustain a pregnancy, there are alternatives under Virginia law to achieve your forever family. One alternative allows the parties to obtain an order of the court that will allow the names of the intended parents to be placed on the birth certificate upon the birth of the child(ren). Another requires entering into a contract prior to the birth, then amending the birth certificate after the birth. Often, couples requiring a surrogate may also require an egg or sperm donor.

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Gamete & Embryo Donation

In Virginia, a woman who carries a baby to term is considered to be the legal mother – even if the pregnancy is achieved through the donation of an egg, sperm or embryo. Whether the donor is known to you or not, I strongly recommend a contractual agreement to ensure that the intentions of all parties are clear. Contact my firm, The Law Office of Karen M. Holman, PLLC, to learn more.

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In all of these cases, the services of an attorney are strongly recommended so the appropriate agreements can be drafted and negotiated, and so you can get strong representation in your case before the court. Contact my Winchester office, The Law Office of Karen M. Holman, PLLC, to learn more about how I can help.

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