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Family Law Attorney in Winchester, Virginia

Child-Centered Solutions in Family Law

Family law problems like divorce and custody disputes are often emotional, challenging and potentially life-changing – particularly for children.

At The Law Office of Karen M. Holman, I help parents and caregivers understand what factors the court will consider in determining what is in their children’s “best interests” and design legal strategies to assist them in advocating for the safety and well-being of their children.

Family Law Solutions to Protect the Ones You Love Most

I strive to help individuals through their legal issues. As your attorney, I'll be there to walk you through your options and help you make informed decisions for your family. I also serve as a guardian ad litem in the commonwealth, which privileges me to speak for, and on behalf of, children and advocate for their best interests.

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My Family Law Services

I am ready to address your legal needs in the following:

  • Legal counsel and representation through contested and uncontested divorce procedures

  • Thorough guidance regarding what to expect in child support calculations and what a judge considers income

  • Custody and visitation rights according to the child’s best interests and preferences

  • Advisory through the marital assets division process and Virginia’s equitable distribution system

  • Enforcement and modification of orders regarding child support and custody

When I take on your case, I will make the most of the opportunity to help you build solid legal foundations for protecting your rights as a parent and advocating for your child’s best interests.

Here to Help You Advocate for the Children in Your Life

My practice is child-focused. Call my office in Winchester, Virginia, or fill out my online contact form to schedule an appointment. Whatever your case may involve, I'm ready to give it the time and attention it deserves.